To all the boys I've ever (tried to) love before!

It was a usual day just like the others, I sat down with a drink in my hand, reading my Valentine's piece I wrote in 2019 and wondered what lead to pouring out my heart in an article which I'm sure a lot of my fellow tribemates could relate with. Was it me doubting my capability to like someone? Was it me being a wallflower? Or was it just ME? I was finding the possible answers to all my questions and one answer particularly hit home. As much as I'm flawed, I do know my relationship status is the courtesy of some guys I've come across so far. So ladies sit back, for I'm about to list the kind of guys who've majorly got us saying Thank U, Next, for good.

1. Are boys judgemental?  YES, THEY ARE!

"Isn't she a little overdressed for this occasion?", "Wow! Can she even handle those drinks?", “She bought a car but can she even drive?” If you're imagining a girl saying all of this, I have a little surprise for you. Presenting you the male version of our very own, judgemental, padaus waali aunty. If you think that only women are capable of being judgemental about other women, I think you're slightly mistaken, guys are equally opinionated. As cool as they pretend to be, boys, do have their preferences as well. We girls have too many padausis to handle, I think, we should definitely give this guy a miss!

2. Mr. Sharma: Quite Literally

Hold your thoughts, ladies! I am not talking about the star kid - Sharma ji ka beta! This is the kind of guy, who is shy and doesn't open up so easily unless you are the one making the first move. Forget about having a love life, his existence is also questionable. Probably an introvert or an ambivert, he'd prefer books over social media, a quiet evening at his place over a typical Saturday night, and playing video games with his boys over a date with a girl, mainly because he is hesitant and gets nervous around the girls. So if you've fallen for a certain Mr. Sharma, I really hope you can work your way through.

3. Forever Friend-zoned

There's this one guy we vibe well with, he is caring, he is funny, he understands us well but there is something that holds us back. There are times when you've been certain that you both are meant to be together but again, more than Karma, timing sure is a b*tch. Chances are, he likes someone else, or you've set your eyes on another guy, or you guys have decided that it's for the best to stay the way you both have always been. Let's be honest, we all fear that we will mess things up, with lots of drama involved and even being friends with Satan would be preferable than with each other. Maybe it's for the best, girls.

4. Mr. Your place or mine? ;)

Let's be true to ourselves here, irrespective of whether we are single or taken, this guy is someone we've all come across. I strongly believe it's all the loneliness combined with previous heartbreaks that makes someone pick the meaningless attachments over something real. He's waving at you in the messenger, sliding in your DMs and trying his best to be your #1 BFF on Snapchat if not IRL. He tries to strike a conversation with you and if he has succeeded in doing so, he has asked for your number a zillion times but eventually, the bottom falls out. Sometimes, we give in, purely because we want to give it a try or we've given up on the traditional ways already. But then, this is the kind of guy you'd want to get rid of later in time if not already. Pro-tip on how to tackle him? A little bit of sass with a touch of subtle insolence and a dash of mockery should work just fine.

5. And finally, the one we’re waiting to meet because all the good boys are hiding away!

Now, this is the kind of guy we've not met for a couple of reasons. One, he's taken. Two, he has decided to put his career ahead of any relationship and is not looking for one. Three, he's around, probably sitting right next to you but you are too oblivious to notice. The question will linger, always, because even if you do not find 'the one', finding someone who simply makes you happy and accepts you the way you are will take a little more than swiping right or merely dreaming about him.

Ladies, I think it's time to put ourselves out there!

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