When your parents boast about the movies of the yesteryears, you barely agree, given Noah Centineo having cast a spell on you and Netflix being an inseparable part of your life. However, I agree with the fact that movies, at least from the 1980s had a powerful script backed by commendable performances. Similar is the story of Umrao Jaan, directed by Muzzafar Ali. The film is based on the 1905 novel "Umrao Jaan Ada". And why exactly is this movie a part of this list? Mainly for:

Amiran a.k.a Umrao Jaan

No prices for guessing who played this role! None other than the ever-gorgeous Rekha. If you happen to watch this movie, you will be convinced that no one other than Rekha could've played Umrao Jaan! So, how did Muzzaffir Ali happen to cast Rekha for this role? He saw her photograph in some magazine and said, "She is Umrao Jaan!" And you wouldn't agree any less. The innocence, the grace, the pain which this character is all about is portrayed rather beautifully and as Muzzaffar Ali says, it's all in her eyes!


The film is Lucknowi and the minute detailing of all the aspects of the film is enough proof. Muzzafar Ali being a fashion designer himself has taken care of every minute detailing of the film, be it the attire of the characters or the "Kotha" to make sure the movie is as authentic as it needs to be. Overall, Umrao Jaan is a compendium of art.


We cannot forget the iconic songs "Inn aakhon ki masti mein" or "Dil cheez kya hai?" this movie gave us. The music was directed by Khayyam and playback singer was the legendary Asha Bhosle, both won accolades for the dreamy music of the film. The songs definitely add to the storytelling aspects of the movie, what better way to convey emotion than a using song!

Portrayal of sadness

Even though Umrao Jaan is a love story but not all love stories have a happy ending. Similarly, Umrao Jaan is not a conventional movie and the sadness is not just limited to Umrao Jaan's love for all the men she falls for, but how she became "Umrao Jaan Ada" itself shows how life is not always fair. If you're expecting a happy ending to the movie, brace yourself!

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