Watch 'Spirited Away' for a riot of quirky characters you may have ever seen!

Updated: May 13, 2020

While most of us are social distancing and immensely mind f*ucked, movies have become one of those saviors that help you survive the time you've to spend home. Add to it you're surrounded by family which honestly can cause a war-like situation. Speaking of watching movies, next on my Anime spree was Spirited Away that released back in 2001 having an Oscar and about a zillion other accolades to its name. To be very honest never has a movie ever spellbound me the way Spirited Away has. There are so many aspects to this movie that make it a must-watch and I'm listing a few below which will hopefully convince you'll to add this to your watchlist:

The lead character

The movie is about 10-year-old Chihiro, who along with her parents is caught in a spirit world of sorts. Unfortunately, her parents are turned into pigs and her sole aim is to bring them back to their human selves and go back to the human world. What's interesting to see is a 10-year-old girl putting up a fight for those she loves and honestly, her character only grows better as the movie proceeds.

The quirky characters

Hawkers that look like frogs, a witch who runs a bathhouse, a stink monster, a man who looks like a spider (but I'm not sure is he a man?) wearing shades, a huge radish-like creature with a cute butt, a larger than life baby who also has a cute butt, three headless monsters, dragons that are actually spirits, okay, now this is not even the complete list! Imagine the way all of these characters are put together, to make a movie worth your while

The antagonists

So, there are a couple of bad guys in the movie with their agendas and honestly, you'll also see them having a soft heart at some point, not all of them mean harm and they actually turn out to be people who are rather lonely and need some affection. Just like some of us, maybe?

The most glorious scene. EVER.

Never have I ever wished for all the characters (I listed above) to come together and redeem the stink monster of his terrible state of being and trust me along with making you cheer for them to accomplish a difficult task it will present reality to you. It's not just about helping a monster, it makes you understand that we as humans need to actively help clean the hazards that we've created!

The look and feel of the film

Even though it's Anime, the movie boasts of grandeur and there are so many finer details added to it which makes the film look real. Every aspect of the film right from the writing, directing, and designing was looked into by the director Hayao Miyazaki. I mean, he's done one hell of a (commendable) job creating this masterpiece!

If you're always on a hunt for a spectacular movie, do not miss this one!

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