Watch 'Trance' to keep yourself at the edge of your seat during this lockdown!

It's a day where the sun shines bright (but not sure if it is a Sunday or a Wednesday). You can wake up at whatever hour you choose to start your day - afternoon, late evening or even night. No one is questioning how altered your daily schedule is. Netflix finally stopped asking if you're still there because honestly, even Netflix knows you've nothing better to do. You've now invested money subscribing to Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video, you know just to pamper yourself with options so that you don't run out of shows/movies to watch. Welcome to the 'Quarantine Life'!

Having spoken of subscriptions and not running out of content to consume, I just came across this Malayalam movie 'Trance', directed by Anwar Rasheed who came back in the business nearly 7 years after his last stint. It's a movie that created a lot of buzz and anticipation back in 2017 when it was announced, majorly owing to the iconic trio Anwar Rasheed, Fahadh Faasil and Amal Neerad coming together for this one. I finally saw it and witnessed the hype that was created around this movie. Being someone who is new to watching a Malayalam flick and not just for seeking entertainment, this movie cemented the fact that I no longer want to watch Bollywood movies unless they have this kind of storyline to offer. 3 aspects that made sure I'm glued to the movie right from the very minute it began are:

The story

Have you ever watched these videos that do the rounds on social media platforms of miracle workers who cure people by just blurting out some gibberish and praising the Lord? Do you also feel that these videos make the perfect meme material? But along with that, these miracle workers do nothing but feed on one's religious belief to make money out of it and this is beautifully brought out in the movie. I believe it is high time we address the issue of blind faith taking over rational thinking and I'm assertive that this movie will stay relevant for years to come.

The performance(s)

Fahadh Faasil single handled-ly steals the show with a stellar performance which his character demands. A person who is a humble motivational speaker who witnesses a crumbling family life moving on to become a Pastor who is blindly believed by the masses and finally believably playing a character who may or may not be borderline crazy (adding a lot more to the trance theme), Fahadh essays this with finesse. The other supporting characters, too, don't fail to impress!

The finer elements

As much as there is a powerful story with brilliant performances to witness, one cannot fail to notice every other element that has brought this movie together. The way it is shot (top-notch technology was used to do this) and paced along with the art direction makes it a perfect visual treat. The background score also sets the mood and hopefully, I've sparked that little urge in you to go and check out this rather eye-opening piece of cinema.

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