What Being 22 Teaches You About Life

Did the title add a little drama to an already dramatic situation that exists outside? Man, this lockdown makes you think about things. But I'm lowkey happy to take a moment (or maybe all of my days) to think about everything that the past year taught me. Turning 23 soon is no fun and staying 22 is not an option. So to do the very least, I'll be happily reflecting on these 5 things I learned while being a 22 year old!

1. You'll meet a bunch of crazy humans and the party's just getting started!

Well, 2 jobs and a post-graduation degree will make sure you meet people, like lots of them. Fighters, survivors, two-faced, confused, fierce, you name them and they'll be there in your life. You may not necessarily be happy about getting to know them but eventually, you settle believing that there are only going to be more of them out there. Gear up, honey!

2. Money may or may not necessarily matter so much

The goal is to learn and find your space when you're 22. As much as most of us don't have a choice when it comes to picking what we want to do owing to monetary reasons but if you are ever lucky enough to switch fields, explore opportunities, learn new things, or simply do what you want to, DO IT. Don't worry about what you earn, hustle enough to become better in what you're already good at and I swear money will follow.

3. Start looking out for yourself

Now you may think that at 22 you shouldn't be burdened with responsibilities and what is all this looking out for ourselves and shi*. It's true, but being there for yourself is not a responsibility but more of a realization. Something as simple as a college project or executing a task at work or a pandemic is enough to teach you this. Aatmanirbhar bano friends!

4. Your friend circle will start becoming smaller

This may not be true for everyone but as you grow older, you start observing what others do to and for you. Well, at least I observed. It makes you not want unnecessary energies (read as people) around. Conversations become meaningful and it is much more peaceful with the right kind of people around.

5. Put worrying about the future to rest

I'm not speaking of running away from responsibilities but I'm also not asking you to worry about your future too much. Let your hair down once in a while. Spend time with your girl squad, go for a night out, stay up till 4 a.m. talking and gossiping while you wait for the sunrise. Don't hesitate to make new friends, getting on dating apps, or maybe take yourself out on a date.

So, kids, the bottom line is - Act like you're 22, neither younger than that nor older. Live in the moment, keep realistic expectations, and dance like nobody's watching.

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