Being unapologetic: Giving lesser fu*cks

Savage. Sassy. Unfiltered. These are some words according to people to define me. These words may sound cool and all, but they don't come to you easy. But trust me when I say this, in today's world, you'd be blessed to be this way.

Being humans, we always look for a process to reach somewhere. And for being (unapologetically) yourself, you have to look right into your memories, every memory where you felt you should have been there for yourself when no one else was. Every memory when someone said you were too obese to rock a dress, too flat to grab some (eye) balls, too dark to slay in a nude lipstick, too strong for not shedding tears, abused a lot being a girl and weren't privileged enough to be human just because you didn't have a D. Amidst all this if you were looking for someone to come to your rescue, that person was right there.

You. Yes, you. Whenever they try to get to you say that your weight won't stop you from being that gorgeous woman who rocked the LBD, a smile is enough to grab attention, nude or bright or neon on your lips won't make you any less pretty along with that complexion, you are growing with the strength you're building emotionally, aur bh*nch*d, mei ladki hun toh kya? Insaan bhi hun.

That's all the inspiration for now. *Winks*

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