What if your favourite food items were actual people? #FoodForThought!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Food is bae! From Instagram captions to just everyday scenarios, every one of us has clearly sorted their priorities. While people may be complicated and hard to deal with, food clearly isn't! Unlike us, food doesn't disappoint. Whatever the situation is, it always comes through.

Unlike other basic necessities, food holds quite an influence on us(hear the evil laughter?). From changing our moods to comforting us, it can be a part of everything! While good food makes us feel happy instantly, bad taste always sets us off like landmines. For every mood there is a food, and every food sets a mood! What would be the result it we could reimagine all these foods as people you meet? Oof, that's gonna be (food) fest! Can't imagine? Here, see for yourself:


Ever come across a person who actually has a convincing accent but in reality is just faking it? Well, that's Fries! Although goes around calling himself French, this guy is definitely a master of hiding their origin. Usually cool alone, he always ends up hanging with his cool fast food friends, Burger and Cola. Cares much about his appearance and always has to be Golden!

Ice cream:

Sweet, simple and always available. Ice-creams are definitely the loved BFFs. May it be a breakup or just a hard day, whenever you need them, they're right there for you! Despite their various flavours, they tend to always make you feel privileged to have them. You may not celebrate every happy moment with them, but if things so sideways, you know they are the ones to turn to.


The one person who is loved by the entire world! The ideal person and the one you always want to end up with. Known for their charismatic overall feel, they usually hangout with their over close sibling Elaichi, who is always a buzz-kill. Irrespective, they are the coolest partner everyone dreams for. One bite of them is what all crave for too :p


The always bubbly friend the group whom everyone knows. Her network is huge and literally everyone has hung out with her at least once. Her personality quenches your thirst of the crazy but she is always irritated when she is compared with her twin brother, Diet Coke, who has a huge following in girls.


The always optimistic sweet friend(zoned guy), Chocolate, who never disappoints anyone. Despite being quite the famous kid among the girls, he sometimes gets too into someone and then they end up avoiding him altogether. This continues till he gets that, there is nothing special between them. (Talk about friendzoned). Despite knowing the reason, he goes back to being always available. That's just how he is made, with only happy thoughts!

Well, the comparisons just may never end, but you get the drift right. Food is not just a requirement, but it's just like an entity in our lives. You maybe vegan, or meat-lover or maybe even a eggetarian(seriously?), Food is the only thing that never disappoints. So take your relationship with food seriously. Spoon up!

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