When life gives you masala!

Well, I am back with another piece of my heart, where I feel I am not complaining, its just i have accepted the fact of my life!

Do whatever, you'll be back at square one!

This is in terms of people I meet, how much I ever I try to socialize, I just realize that I just don't fit in that tribe & in the end it kill my vibe.

You look for greener grass, which is greener only on the other side!

With a little bit of experience, I realized that we need to stop chasing or making dreams of something. Trust me I have wasted my precious times on building expectations!

Fuckbois and Bois

Me & my friend Prajna, have gossiped a lot about bois & people who merrily celebrating their new love! Like HOW? How do you find love? How do we end up getting fuckbois? HOW?

Decisions that turn into regrets!

Life is an exam for which we are never ever prepared for it. Being an adult is a tough job, where your decisions end as regrets.

Nasty People!

Trust me during your 20s you meet some very gross people, these people bring out the introvert person in you. I am a complete extrovert, but by having such people around you, I feel it's better to keep my mouth shut!

But anyways concluding my little piece note, life doesn't end here, right?

It keeps giving you "Masala", until and unless you don't add tadka to it, you'll never start enjoying it.

Coz that's how your 20s will roll my cute peeps!

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