'Whisper Of The Heart' Is An Innocent High School Love Story That Will Melt Your Heart

Anime Spree continues as does the lockdown and honestly, I think I've invested my time in some quality cinema. It's true what people say about watching Anime, once you start watching, there's no going back. And if you have a Netflix subscription, consider yourself lucky and stream some heartwarming content while you can.

Look back at the time you were in high school, I'm sure the memories of wanting to bunk lectures, lunch breaks and also of the person you'd have a crush on will come rushing back. And isn't high school romance the purest kind? It's the one that's difficult to forget and if you're lucky, the love may even last a lifetime. Now, add a little bit of magic and the result is 'Whisper Of The Heart' that follows the story of 14-year-old Shizuku, who does nothing but goofs around, is immersed in her books, and also writes excellent poems.

As she is passionate about reading, she doesn't fail to notice that all these books she picks have been checked out by a boy 'Seiji'. A guy with a similar taste in books as herself, could he be 'the one'? Well, she unknowingly has already interacted with an adorably annoying boy who often pulls her leg and is none other than Seiji himself. The friendship grows stronger when Shizuku accidentally ends up at an antique shop owned by Nishi (Seiji's grandfather) while following a cat. A statue of a cat called The Baron fascinates her along with a variety of other things.

As Shizuku gets to know Seiji better, she admires his passion for making Violins. She likes how driven he is towards wanting to become a renowned Violin maker. Seiji, for the very same reason, leaves for Italy for 2 months but before he does, he meets Shizuku to tell her how much he appreciates her talent. This motivates Shizuku to utilize the 2 months in writing a book, based on The Baron (who btw is a returning character in Studio Ghibli's next film - The Cat Returns).

Why this movie is worth your time is for the very fact that it isn't heavy on the 'romance' part of it. The characters are playful and lovable (even the cat statue, really!). We all come across this one person whose passion for things motivates us to be as penchant as they are, which is brought out well in the movie. Let's not forget the magic bit that is added by The Baron and his love story (yes, he has one) and his eyes that glow beautifully when looked at closely. And, enough about the cat. The bottom line is, this Studio Ghibli will make you wish you had this kind of banter and affection back in high school and won't disappoint!

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