We are always quick to console our female friends when they go through a breakup. But have you ever wondered what your guy friends go through? Not every guy is quick to move on to another girl. It takes a toll on their ability to fall for someone too. But what makes it so tough for them, why does a heartbreak change them completely? Here's why:

1. The love is not reciprocated

'Reciprocate' - value the love you receive and return it equally or more than you receive. It's not new to us that these days love is far gone and people rather pick meaningless attachments over something that is real. But what about those who love unconditionally, give and give but don't get even a bit of the same in return? Eventually, the person realizes - it's rather better to love oneself and let the other person go.

2. The rebound love

Dating someone who's just out of a serious relationship or someone who is still not over their ex is a clear red flag. Why do I say so? You are spending time with someone who has a different person in their mind while they are actually with you. You become someone's temporary fix and by the time you realize it, it's way too late. You might be giving in too much while the person has no intention of building a meaningful bond with you. It's just another heartbreak on its way.

P.S. clarity of intentions can be quite useful - communicate!

3. You realize that you both don't belong together, so you let her go

While initially, it may feel like you both belong together, but sooner or later you realize that this is not going to work out. Probably your core values differ, your perspectives differ. And when you know that things will not work out eventually, you think it's for the best to let her go. Being friends with them seems a better option than being in a relationship where neither of you will grow.

4. Lack of understanding

She talks to you, but she doesn't communicate. She knows you're going through something, but she doesn't know how it feels. She doesn't "understand" you. This is possible because you two have a very different outlook towards life. Here's a Shayari to sum this up:

"Alfazo ka karawan toh yuhi chalta rahega, Par unse judey jasbaat tum nahin samajh paaogey"

5. Eventually, after the breakup, the guy cannot move on easily

It does get difficult to put yourself out there, especially if loving someone only ended up hurting you. The innocence that you have while you start falling for someone is lost forever. The breakup does take away a piece of you. He becomes very skeptical when you think you're developing feelings for someone. You would probably want to be on your own and put your career or family before any relationship in your life.


Dear Manish and Shatrughan,

Thank you for the lovely Shayari!


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